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Here are the 2022 Schwalbe North American Enduro Cup racer notes. These are not for the 2023 event, though there will undoubtedly be similar information you will be responsible to know.


In addition to the amazing trail crew up here, we’ve had an incredible group of people putting in almost 300 hours of trail work to get this course in for you. We built the new stuff this year because the Bike Park crew has been very busy with skiing last weekend and getting the bike park open.  Jay, Matt with Dialed MTB, and the CDA Bike Company – you all owe them a high five for this year’s course.


Thank you to Silver Mountain Resort for hosting!  And thanks to all our sponsors represented here today:


Our Title Sponsor this year is Schwalbe Tires.


Also, a huge shout out to:

  • Shimano

  • Transition Bikes

  • Cannondale

  • Specialized

  • Radio Brewing

  • Ablis CBD

  • Local Real Estate

  • Lone Peak Physical Therapy and Performance

  • Risse Racing

  • Mountain Café

  • Wildrye Distilling

  • Red Bull


You are responsible for knowing all of this important information.


Race stuff:

Saturday – Racers will leave the Call Up Area by category.  Call Up Area is right here where we are standing and stacking up down the breezeway. The order will be posted this evening at about 8:00 PM on our website, and the information will be available here. Pro Men will be leaving first, and the waves will start rolling at 8:00 am. Pro Women will go second. Everyone else will know their times here in a bit.


Pros/Experts/Junior Expert/Hardtails/Ebikes race Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


Sport/Junior Sport race Stages 1, 2, 3, and 4. You do NOT race stage 5.


Stages must be completed in numerical order.


Radio Brewing will have their speed trap on Stage 1 again!


Gondola for 3 – expect a line and get in it. Don’t hang out in the parking lot, or you are violating neutral support rules. If you don’t want to be behind people you might need to pass on course.


YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE COURSE. Don’t rely on a volunteer to tell you where to go. You should be able to tell all the volunteers how to get to the start of the next stage.


The course is posted on our website with links to Trailforks.  Follow the sign and tape, but know that someone might have blown through the tape.


If you’re using the Trailforks app, make sure you update the Idaho region.


Do not stop at your car, at any local businesses, or at any bike shops during the race on Saturday. IF YOU STOP AT ANY OF THESE PLACES, YOU WILL BE DQ’ed OR PENALIZED FOR USING OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE.


Racers are allowed to help each other.  You need to keep moving throughout the day. If you need some assistance with your bike, you need to see one of our wonderful sponsors providing neutral support.


Remember, there are a lot of people that are on course volunteering and working to make this race happen for you. They’re standing in the rain all day for you. They want to go home, and we need to make sure that we’re respecting that.  At 30 second intervals, it takes more than 3 hours to start riders on the first stage.  This is why you need to keep moving.


Sunday – Racers will load the gondola starting at 8am.  First racer will start Stage 6 at 8:30am from top.  We need to get all racers to the top before the public can get on the gondola, so everyone needs to line up early to get on the Gondola.  Be prepared to hang out at the top for a bit, and you can hang out inside at the mountain house.  Start order will be self-seeding from Pro. 


  • All categories Stage 6.Top to Bottom!



  • Your timing chip must be worn on left ankle. Nowhere else.

  • Your chip does not need to be turned on or off. It’s ready to go. That also means stay clear of the start and finish areas except when you’re racing.

  • Basically, stay away from the starts and finishes, and no hiking back up the course.

  • If you DNF, please turn in your chip 

  • Times will be posted LIVE on our website. You will be able to see these throughout the day on your phone, and we will have a TV with live results here in the base area.  

  • Immediately turn in your timing chip after your last stage in the Registration area. Do NOT go to your car, or room, etc.


Safety is the most important thing.  Ride safe and in control. It’s wet, it’s muddy, and you need to be on you’re A game.

  • Racer down rule.If you come across a racer who has crashed, stop and stay with them.You do not need to administer any medical assistance, but stop and wait with them.The second person who comes across a down racer, proceed to the nearest Course Marshall and let them know what’s happening to make sure Bike Patrol can get to the down rider.Anyone who assists a down rider will be able to rerun the stage.

  • Silver Mt Bike Patrol is the medical on the mountain.  Their number is 783-1111 x 3800. A direct dial number is 208-784-1942. If it’s a major injury, call 911.

  • Look out for each other - You can help out your fellow racers!  

  • Aid/Feed station location at the top of the Gondola in the Mountain House. The feed station is there to supplement you- not supply you for the whole race.Transition and Schwalbe have a special aid station surprise for you there!

  • Water is available here at the bottom, and at the top of the Gondola in the Mountain House.

  • It is a big day, and it probably going to be wet.  You need to pack clothing and equipment to keep you warm and dry, and take enough water and food with you. Again, you are NOT permitted to visit your car and get gear/stashed food/drinks/gear, so pack what you need for the day.

  • Again, bring a jacket!  

  • Obey all traffic laws while riding on any public roads, and remember that cars have the right of way on all Trail of the Coeur d’Alene’s crossings. Don’t ride 5 wide and respect the local community.


Passing – If you come up on someone, please use the customary “on your right” or “on your left” as you are approaching.  If you are being passed, please let the racer past when you can safely do so, but let them pass.  This is not an xc race and it’s definitely not NASCAR, but if the person behind you is on a burner of a run, let them by.



  • This is an EWS qualifier, so we are following EWS rules. 

  • Cannot receive outside assistance; this includes stashing stuff at your car. You can get help from fellow racers, and we have lots of neutral support here in the village from all of our wonderful sponsors to get you taken care of.

  • Helmets at all times, no exceptions

    • I saw a number of people practicing without helmets. The only reason you are not DQ’ed is because I couldn’t make out your race plate numbers. WEAR YOUR HELMET WHENEVER YOU ARE RIDING YOUR BIKE, NO EXCEPTIONS. YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY BE DQ’ed IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A HELMET ON WHILE RIDING YOUR BIKE.

  • No headphones or external speakers

  • No course cutting; trails are the course! Basically, if you’re more than 8 feet off of the trail or away from the tape corridor, you are off course and it will result in a time penalty or DQ.

  • You can utilize neutral support for mechanicals while in the base area for uploads.

  • Things you are not permitted to replace this weekend per EWS rules are frame, fork, shock and wheels.

  • If you need to replace these items, you can only do with authorization from one of the race directors (me or Willy), and you will be assessed a time penalty. Replacing an item without authorization will result in a DQ.

  • All other part replacements must be done through neutral support.

  • One of the points of enduro is being at one with your bike. It’s a test of ability and skill, and that includes keeping your bike in one piece for the entire race.




After your last stage proceed to the registration area turn in your timing chip. Please do this immediately after finishing on Sunday. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200. You will be charged $150 if you do not return your chip.


Podiums will be scheduled by category. We’ll try to have this posted tomorrow. We’ll aim to have awards start approximately 30 minutes after the last rider is in.


We still need a couple volunteers, please see us right now. We have some really awesome swag from Shimano, and it includes lunches from Mt. Café and a lift ticket to come up here any play on a sunny day.


One last reminder – you don’t need to race on the transitions, but please keep moving. You’re riding, but our wonderful volunteers will be standing in the rain all day for you. Keep them in mind and show your love by moving through the course!

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